Tough men wear pink

July 2, 2008 at 4:09 am (Uncategorized)


  • woke up, got outta bed, ran a comb across my head.

the old lady came and picked me up to go on an unexpected adventure


We went to this old guys house.. um i think his name is art. therfore he must be ARTistic haha bubism.

we checked out his house.. he lives in a mobile home park in bfe hemet (you know where even the little black kids sell dope for lunch money).  driving up i wasnt to excited to be there due to the fact of lack of sleep and fucked up dreams but that ios another blog for another time. i digress, drove up and there was this hip ass palm springs hungarian gold old man wearing a tough guys wear pink shirt with cut off sleaves. FIRST BUBED UP MOMENT…

Next we walked in to this unexpected cool hip old man house and started to bullshit.. it started off as any normal bub e convo with an old man does…”Hey dude” an so on… convo leads on about his 20 younger x wife with an 8 year old kid… i dont remember alot but it was bube…

this guy seemed very bube from what i could see. didnt really give to much of a shit and was non chalant about alot.. asked if i wanted a beer and then BINGO! i was off dude talking about bube economy and politics.. the girls at that point aterted fiddling with every old man nic nac in the house and got bored… as you all know i can talk polibubes all day. haha

lets see what  other random bube stuff happened?,,,,  NOt much.. time for dinbube and sleep later..


oh yeah! sellin the car tomorrow… ny cant handle this shit 


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